Performers at the 2015 Festival

11 O’Clock Blues Band
Saturday Cafe Stage 12pm

4 Gun Ridge
Sunday Creekside Stage 5pm
4 Gun Ridge plays original American music. Some call it country. Some call it rock. Some call it Americana. We call it ours. Since being formed in 2009, 4GR has grown into a band with it's own unique sound. Although an appreciation for classic and outlaw country from years past is plain to see, 4 Gun Ridge can't deny the edgier sounds from each member's deep roots in the Hudson Valley music scene.

Alternative Ulster

Saturday Midtown Stage 12pm

Performing rock versions of bagpipe marching favorites with a late 70's New York Punk flair. 1916 meets 1977.

The Alex Jornov Band

Saturday Cafe Stage 6pm

The Alex Jornov Band is built around the powerful, soulful voice of Alex Jornov. The band is made up of a group of highly skilled and experienced musicians from the fertile, upstate local music scene who combine to form a funky, driving sound. The band's versatility is immediately apparent in their live show. From old, bluesy jazz numbers by the great Nina Simone, to the fresh sound of blues-soul by the likes of Sharon Jones, your crowd will hear songs they never knew they loved right along with some old favorites. The group's ability to gracefully flow between blues, civil rights era R&B, funk/soul, and even throw in a jazz standard or two keeps the audience interested and moving to the beat all night long.

Annie Bacon & her OSHEN
Sunday Canal Lock Stage 3pm

Annie Bacon & her OSHEN sing sad songs in the major key: uke-folk feel good songs that delve into wisdom, grief and loss, and which bear the strong influences of artists like Stevie Nicks, Ingrid Michealson and Feist. Originally from Maine, Annie has called San Francisco home for a long time. Her astounding singing companion, Elizabeth Greenblatt, is local to Ulster County. Lucky you!

God’s Word Worship Band
Sunday Midtown Stage 12pm

Our mission is to spread the Good News of the Gospel with music. We strive to not limit the style of music that we play, but to have a blend of many different styles that will appeal to more than one group of people. Our style includes R&B, Latin, rock and roll, contemporary Christian, country and others. We released a CD, Father of Life about five years ago, and are currently working on the next one. Based out of Living Word Chapel in West Hurley, NY, we are an eight piece band that has been under the teaching of our Pastor, Don Moore, including Barry SweetJackson - vocals, keyboard and percussion, Mauro Savino - keyboards and vocals, Gabriel Delgado - drums, Barry Lindsay – lead guitar and vocals, Mike McDonough – bass, acoustic guitar and vocals, Tommy Porto – saxophones, flute, vocals, Linda Bergenn – flute and vocals, Cheri SweetJackson – vocals and Migdalia Fortes - vocals.

Big Bowl Of Soul
Saturday Mountain Stage 2pm

Dedicated to unearthing lesser-known soul masterpieces of the 1960's, Big Bowl of Soul shing-a-lings in the spirit of Irma Thomas, Sugar Pie De Santo, Dee Dee Warwick and other delicious divas of the vinyl era.

The Big Takeover
Sunday Mountain Stage 5pm

The Big Takeover is a unique concoction of backgrounds and spirits that perfectly creates a version of reggae that is fresh and vivid. With Jamaican born and raised NeeNee Rushie as a captivating and memorable front woman, this movement complete with a playful horn section, pulsating bass and drums, and a hypnotizing rhythm section fills its audience’s hearts with good vibes and solid joy.

Saturday Mountain Stage 12pm

Bloom is a Community Voice Ensemble founded and run by Musician, Songwriter and Teaching Artist Debbie Lan. The group, in its 7th year, meets once a week and enjoys singing a large variety of eclectic music. A place where people can go to sing, no matter their level of accomplishment, Bloom occasionally performs at community events.

Saturday Cafe Stage 3pm
BobKat is a collaboration of singer/songwriter/guitarist Bobby Kennedy and his youngest daughter/vocalist Kate Kennedy. This multitalented duo has graced the Rosendale Street Festival's stages for more than 15 years! BobKat performs an eclectic mix of contemporary hits as well as Bobby's originals, which can be found on the newly re-mastered Late Bloomer CD, available at Kate Kennedy has been professionally involved with the Hudson Valley's music scene since age 10. She's currently making a name for herself as an artist in the Philadelphia area, writing and recording with local bands and singing at karaoke competitions and many collegiate sporting events. BobKat plays throughout the Hudson Valley and are often joined by Still UnDivided, Bobby's twin daughters Kimberly and Samantha.

Brittani O'Hearn
Saturday Canal Lock Stage 1pm

Brittani O'Hearn is a feminist, folk pop singer songwriter based in New Paltz, NY. Her acoustic songs are simple and honest with a touch of whimsy and angst. She believes the "personal is political" and writes about her own young love, loss, and experience figuring out what it means to be a girl/women, ghost hunter, activist and artist. Brittani is currently in the beginning phases of recording her first album.

Cecilia St. King
Sunday Cafe Stage 12pm

Cecilia St. King is an Inner Peace Troubadour who has been traveling around the country for over a decade performing concerts for Peace. Through the power of story and song, Ms. St. King's concerts effect social change. Her performance refreshes the spirit, revitalizes the mind, energizes the body, expands awareness, invigorates the imagination, affirms the wisdom of the heart, and awakens us to all possibilities. Transforming the Ageless Wisdom Teachings into song, she blends American roots music, merging rock, blues, folk, spirituals and a hint of jazz. Her music is upbeat and contemporary and offers a powerful antidote to turmoil in our current times. Audiences are encouraged to participate. Singing a joyous note, they will laugh, and might cry, but most assuredly they are left feeling a sense of hope that no doubt, leaves them wanting more.

Sonnie Chibba
Saturday Mountain Stage 6pm

Sunday Midtown Stage 4pm

The Clouds gathered from many diverse directions, Amy Planthaber (vocal, percussion, keyboards) and Rich Devlin (guitar, vocal) from the perennial New Paltz band MISFIT TOYS, Joe Ruffini (drum and vocal) and Joe Enright (Bass and vocal) from JO JO GAI, Kevin O'Toole (Guitar and vocal) from TRIAL AND ERROR and Rick Warren (guitar) from J.E.G. Music. The members share a unanimous love and respect for the live music experience and are ready to take it to the sky.

Colrain Living
Saturday Mountain Stage 1pm

We are a modern electric/acoustic folk and blues drawing influences from The Beatles, Black Keys, Alabama Shakes, Mac Demarco, R.L. Burnside, Bobby Darin and more. We are a Local Hudson Valley band consisting of electric guitar, drums, bass, keyboard and group vocals.

Deni Bonet
Saturday Midtown Stage 7pm

Deni Bonet is a pop/rock singer/songwriter and classically trained violinist who has recorded and performed with R.E.M., Sarah McLachlan, Cyndi Lauper, Scissor Sisters, and Warren Zevon among many others. She was an original member of the cast of the nationally syndicated NPR radio show “Mountain Stage”; singing and performing in her own right and accompanying guests on the show. Deni left the show to pursue a solo career, with a mission to prove that there is more to the violin than concertos and hoedowns. She has performed at Lilith Fair, Carnegie Hall, the United Nations, and just recently performed at the White House for the President, First Lady and Vice-President of the United States. Deni Bonet has become an in-demand act, headlining various festivals, performing arts centers, clubs, colleges and international venues. Her music has been featured on HBO, NBC, American Airlines, several film and modern dance projects, and has been described by the Wall Street Journal as like “Sheryl Crow meets the B-52's".

Denise Jordan Finley
Sunday Creekside Stage 3pm

Denise Jordan Finley is a Singer Songwriter based in the Mid-Hudson Valley. She is well known for her distinctive acoustic guitar style and diverse, award winning songwriting. A veteran performer, she has toured internationally and on the high seas. Sloan Wainwright, "Gluteus Maximus kicking."

Dorraine Scofield & Friends
Sunday Cafe Stage 4pm

Involved in many bands and recording projects including Thunder Ridge, Blind Mice and the Phantoms. Dorraine songs are varied and have an easy-going melodic feel...mostly acoustic, and definitely come from her heart.

The Dylan Doyle Band
Saturday Cafe Stage 7pm

Dylan Doyle has been touring Nationally since the age 15 and is beginning to garner serious attention. He is scheduled to play the 2015 King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena, AR and will be closing Friday Night at this year’s Grateful Garcia Gathering, one of the biggest Grateful Dead Festivals in the Country. Born in the South to Yankee Parents, he has been steeped in everything from Robert Johnson, Lightnin’ Hopkins and John Lee Hooker to Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, and Jimi Hendrix. After playing with Dylan in Memphis, Ben Cauley, sole band survivor of the Otis Redding plane crash said, “Dylan Doyle sounds like a young Jimi Hendrix.”

Eric Sommer
Saturday Creekside Stage 5pm

"Without a doubt one of the finest, most versatile players on the road today, Eric is a mash of styles that cover slide, finger-style, pure blues groove and dynamic improv approaches he calls "no fear playing". Watching this guitar great will "make you jump out of your seat and hollar for joy" says Bugs Madison, in an interview for UK Melody Mag, 2012.

Sunday Mountain Stage 2pm

From the opening notes of “Eternal Nightmare” to the fat and heavy opening riff of “Save Me from Myself”, Exercitum (EXM) proves that they are the embodiment of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music. This four piece band from Queens NY is embarking on their second year and already they have built a resume which includes a full length debut album, and a performance at the renowned Gramercy Theatre. Exercitum and its members, James Ryder (Vocals/Guitar), Joey Pagano (Guitar), Jack Draven (Bass Guitar) and C.K. Reed (Drums), deliver this masterful style of music that is still appreciated but rarely seen, especially in the form of a band which produces original music.

The Fasads
Sunday Cafe Stage 5pm

The Fasads mix equal doses of 80s revolution infused punk rock ala Clash and Buzzcocks, with latin influences, world rhythms and infectious pop sensabilities. Comprised of veteran hudson valley musicians who have played in Soniando, The Kiss Ups, Perfect Thyroid, and Kung-Fu Grip, The Fasads live shows are energy packed and move people to dance.

Feast Of Friends
Saturday Creekside Stage 7pm

Feast of Friends is not your typical "parody" tribute act. No retro costumes, wigs or a Jim Morrison look-alike holding a microphone, except for the occasional pair of black leather pants, vocalist John Henriksen masterfully expresses the voice and spirit of Jim Morrison as the band recreates the studio recorded works of The Doors with great skill and precision. Their performances have been called, "spooky in their accuracy" “unbelievable” and "electrifying". The time to hesitate is through. Step back in time on a mind bending journey and experience the unparalleled “live action” that is Feast of Friends. The remaining members of FoF are Barry Petrillo, Guitar, Frank Casciaro Jr., Bass, Jude DeFalco, Drums and Carl Darrigo, Keyboards.

Fre and the RIA
Sunday Canal Lock Stage 5pm
The Rosendale Improvement Association Brass Band and Social Club (RIA) meets and practices every Wednesday at Willow Kiln Park (weather permitting), or at the Recreation Center (if weather is bad) from 6-7 PM. All are welcome to join! RIA brass band believes that making music together is another way of making a good life for everyone in Rosendale.

Frenchy and the Punk
Sunday Cafe Stage 2pm

Frenchy and the Punk: Flapper Folk Punk Cabaret, French and English vocals, raucous live guitar looping and Rio meets Taiko drumming instrumentals. French born lead singer, punk veteran guitarist, internationally touring duo with high energy show. Danceable and eclectic cabaret style spectacle with positive, life affirming and earth conscious message. Named Top 25 duos by Yahoo Music!

Fuzzy Lollipop
Saturday Canal Lock Stage 4pm

Catchy melodies and lyrics that capture the experience of childhood--expressing wonder, humor, and irrepressible fun. That's Fuzzy Lollipop --a band for fun-loving families. With a great balance of musical styles and lush harmonies, they put on a highly engaging, entertaining show! Musical games, dance-alongs, and rhyming riddles are all part of the fun, creating an active experience for the whole family!

Gabriel Butterfield Band
Sunday Mountain Stage 6pm

Gabriel Butterfield has handpicked a lineup that is sure to turn heads among music aficionados worldwide, to join him on stage and celebrate his father, Paul Butterfield’s, music. Paul was the first white Harmonica player to develop a style original and powerful enough to place him in the pantheon of true blues greats and single handedly bring the blues from south Chicago to a white audience all over the world. With Gabriel on drums, Jimmy Eppard on guitar, Jim Curtan on bass and Felix Cabrera on harp, The Butterfield Band was started and intended to introduce to the younger audience to music they may not have been privy to, and to keep Paul's legacy & his music music alive. “These seasoned musical veterans, have all come together in mutual respect for my father and to honor one of music’s legendary pioneers and influences, of which I am very touched and forever grateful” states Gabriel Butterfield.

Grafitti Souls
Saturday Midtown Stage 1pm

Gutter Cat
Saturday Midtown Stage 4pm

Gutter Cat is an unabashed, in your face cover band performing those hot tunes from those famous classic artists of yesterday and today. The band take those ‘hard-hitting’ tunes very seriously (most of the time) and redirects them out to their unsuspecting audiences with a dose of energy and a slap of ‘let’s rock!’. Gutter Cat’s musical menu is always changing mainly because these guys just can’t stand still for a minute. Go ahead, try and get a picture. The Cats like to do most-loved numbers that everyone knows from the album that haven’t been played to smithereens. Gutter Cat members Paul Palen on leads and vocals and Geoff Abdallah on percussion are both from the Hudson Valley’s music scene being former members of the wildly successful “Blue Green Algae”. Joe McConnell on rhythm guitar and leads (and other things) formerly from “Spent” and Vinnie Morano on bass and vocals, who previously performed with Trial and Error.

Hudson's Crew
Saturday Creekside Stage 6pm

Hudson's Crew is a rock trio from Saugerties. We play all original music, strongly influenced by both heavy blues and folk rock where catchy riffs and powerful vocals lay at the forefront of every song.

Hudson Valley Bluegrass Boys
Sunday Creekside Stage 2pm

The Hudson Valley Bluegrass Boys group was inspired by its founder Jim Romine, whose Alabama roots are deep in Southern Bluegrass music. He wanted to form a group that carried on the tradition of pure bluegrass, focusing on celebrating the music of Flatt and Scruggs, Bill Monroe, The Dillards, and Doc Watson. In addition to Jim playing rhythm guitar and singing lead, other founding members include Thomas Earl on five string banjo, guitar, and singing baritone; Doctor Romoon mandolin, fiddle and tenor vocals; and Mike Aiese, on stand-up bass and singing bass vocals. The result is incredible four part harmonies and some real foot stompin' bluegrass instrumentals.

Saturday Midtown Stage 5pm

A three piece jam band with vocals, iS delivers performances that offer a unique experience including memorable songs and exceptional musicianship. iS has a distinctive exciting style, a high-energy form of music combining insightful songwriting, soulful vocals and dynamic jams.

Joey Eppard
Sunday Midtown Stage 5pm

A true musical triple-threat: Brilliant songwriter, astounding instrumental player and phenomenal singer. Most notable about Joey is his unique guitar technique that is best described as a combination of Spanish flamenco style and slap bass techniques which he uses to phenomenal result on acoustic/electric guitars.

Jude Roberts
Saturday Canal Lock Stage 3pm

Jude Roberts weaves a graceful songwriting aesthetic into original folk music. Currently making his home in Accord, NY, he tours and performs frequently on both the East and the West Coast. Jude has performed with/opened for quite a few noteworthy musicians, but doesn’t like to brag about it unless he’s encouraged to. Jude’s artfully crafted originals - emphasizing melody, dynamic chord changes, and insightful lyrics- are brought to life by a strong, pure voice and excellent guitar technique. Jude will be joined by sonically eloquent stringduster Rob Stein on pedal steel guitar. Rob adds an orchestral depth of support to the songs, with refined subtlety.

John Curran IV & Acoustic Sun
Sunday Creekside Stage 12pm

John Curran IV & Acoustic Sun have been playing in Rosendale NY area for 15 years. They have a unique sound that touches three genres of music: psychedelic rock, rock raga & rock reggae. Lyrics are of a mystical nature. The line up consists of John Curran IV (on electric guitar and vocals), Frank Ganci (on electric bass) and Hector Beccerra (on drums). If you’re into Black Keys, Beatles, Hendrix, Smashing Pumpkins, Bad Brains/Human Rights you may feel at home with the Acoustic Sun Shining it's light upon you. freakfolkrecords/

Duty Shirkers
Saturday Canal Lock Stage 5pm

The Duty Shirkers are a passionately lazy, naturally farcical party establishment. This trio - Mike Crawley, Ted Conway, John Hughes have been the "house band" at local salons and parlors where the call is for low brow, under-rehearsed entertainment. Formed in 2010, the band's metier has been recasting crappy tunes from "the radio" into refreshingly spritely dance numbers and grooves. Uptight they are not; unkempt, perhaps. Put down those ta-do lists. Move to the hum of a well-shirked machine. Take the night off. They did.

Kevin O'Connell
Saturday Creekside Stage 1pm

Singer/ songwriter-- finger picker, guitarist. Influences are leo kottke, john prine, gordon lightfoot. I Arrange and interpret select songs from my influences, write and perform my own compositions. Play some slide, play in several different tunings.

The Kurt Henry Band
Sunday Midtown Stage 3pm

Kurt Henry, along with bassist Alan Groth, began playing “originals—nothing but originals” in the early 1970s with the Womblers, and The Kurt Henry Band with Eric Parker on drums and Cheryl Lambert on harmonica have maintained a kicking country-rock sound while adding lively multicultural elements through the years. Repertoire, Rhythm and Rigor this hot can only be safely hosted by their Midtown friends.

Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones
Sunday Mountain Stage 3pm

Named the #1 band to follow by Come To Woodstock magazine, Lara Hope and the Ark-Tones are The Hudson Valley, NY's premier Rockabilly, Rhythm & Blues, Retro Rock n' Roll band. This fun-loving bunch packs the dance floor with their own original musical offerings in the vintage style as well as re-workings of Rockabilly and Rhythm and Blues classics and standards. This "travelin' band" is out there pleasing listeners of all ages and walks of life…wherever they roam.

The Last Conspirators
Saturday Mountain Stage 5pm

The ALL MUSIC GUIDE Calls the Last Conspirators: “a powerful rock & roll band whose sound fuses old-school punk, roots rock, and heartland rock, with fierce, often politically charged lyrics on top. The Last Conspirators are fronted by singer and songwriter Tim Livingston a pioneering figure on the punk scene in New York State’s Hudson Valley."

Lindsey Webster
Sunday Mountain Stage 4pm

If Sade was to take over Mariah Carey’s body and sing to tracks written by Steely Dan, the combination might hit somewhere close to Lindsey Webster’s sound. Until that happens, though, there will just be Lindsey. Woodstock, NY (Lindsey’s native town) might also have had something to do with this 25-year-old powerhouse vocalist’s lyrics, style, and down-to-earth-ness. Lindsey has traveled across the country, playing at Carnegie Hall, Musikfest, Summerfest, The Elephant Room/Austin, Falcon Live, Bearsville Theater, The Brooklyn Bowl and many more.

Lineup Atlantic
Sunday Creekside Stage 4pm

Lineup Atlantic is a pop-rock band from the Hudson Valley. The Poughkeepsie duo released their first singles in December of 2014 and January of 2015 and began their first claim to fame as direct support on a US tour with Aaron Carter in January and February 2015.

Los Thujones
Saturday Midtown Stage 6pm

Los Thujones are a five piece outfit - Featuring Charlie Schikowitz on fiddle/mandolin, his brother Theo on the upright bass, Andrew Vogt on trombone, Rick Schultz on lead vocals/tenor ukulele, and Batuhan Attila on the drums. They feature an eclectic, energetic sound their fans have endearingly dubbed "Skagrass."

Mad Satta
Saturday Mountain Stage 7pm

Mad Satta is a future-soul band based in New York comprised of eight members who strive to bring original, positive, eclectic, thoughtful music to a wide array of listeners. This ultra-tight, eight-piece outfit is held down by edgy bass lines and a sophisticated mix of guitar, organ, drums and horns that surround and support the powerful, smoky vocals of front woman Joanna Teters. Increasingly recognized for her ability to switch effortlessly from lush, deeply sultry tones to rugged reggae, Teters’ serves her audiences with playful, energetic performances of both original compositions and covers including Outkast, Curtis Mayfield and Amy Winehouse. Mad Satta has shared the stage with some notable musicians and musical acts— Ozomatli, Afrika Bambaataa, Gabriel Garzon-Montano and The Stepkids to name a few. Their debut album "Comfort", produced by triple Grammy-winner Prince Charles Alexander, was released on October 14, 2014.

Marji Zintz
Sunday Creekside Stage 1pm

Acoustic guitarist and vocalist Marji Zintz, living and performing in the Catskills/Hudson Valley, is a gifted, soulful interpreter performing a hybrid of contemporary folk, rock and jazz. Described as 'sublime' and 'angelic,' with a 'voice like fine crystal.'

Saturday Canal Lock Stage 7pm

M’bolo is an exciting blend of different ethnic traditions from Senegal, West Africa. M’bollo means gathering people together in Senegal ‘s national language, Wolof. The music is written and arranged by Singer Amadou Diallo. Amadou brings the ancient rhythms of Africa to the present tense with the use of western instruments such as electric guitar, standup bass, mandolin and banjo. The music is upbeat, positive and super fun to dance to.

Mid-Hudson Rainbow Chorus
Sunday Canal Lock Stage 1pm

An all-inclusive group of men and women from throughout the mid-Hudson valley. Contemporary music featuring tight harmonies and lots of syncopation. Many original arrangements by director Ann Belmont and accompanist Todd Anderson.

Mulvaney & Wyld
Saturday Cafe Stage 4pm

Mulvaney & Wyld featuring Steve Mulvaney (Soul Device) & Alana Wyld (Wyld Blu) both on lead gitar, lead vocals. Performing a powerful mix of driving blues, blues-infused-rock...classic covers and original comps. The duo has joined forces in preparation for October 2015 Promotional tour in Rome, Italy for the new Live Aid International album release, "American Blues".

The New Lazy Boys
Saturday Midtown Stage 3pm

Formed in the Spring of 2009, The New Lazy Boys features the songwriting of Brooklyn native Chris Gilli. Much of the material is a reflection of Chris' observations of The Hudson Valley from his doorstep in Bearsville; of time; memories & the travels that we go through in this life. Typically performing shows in a 3 piece semi-acoustic trio, sometimes utilizing various talented support musicians, The New Lazy Boys specialize in high energy shows without scorching your ears. A CD with tracks laid down at Professor Louie's ( Cromatix; The Band) Studio in West Hurley has just been released & will be available at all gigs. Chris is backed by the ever energetic rhythm section of Rod Archer on bass & vocals & Bruce Hutchins on drums & vocals.

New Paltz Rock
Saturday Canal Lock Stage 12pm

New Paltz Rock provides young musicians with the opportunity to play in rock bands in which they choose their songs, choose a name, create, experiment and perform. We cater to ages 9-16 giving everyone a chance to experience the excitement of making their own music together as a unit, with a little assistance from director, Julian Baker.

Sunday Mountain Stage 1pm

OROD is a New Paltz based soul rock quartet featuring Mark Beaumont on bass, Robert Kemp on drums, Jeremy Baum on keys, and Mark Ormerod on guitar.

Our Mountain Home
Saturday Canal Lock Stage 12pm

Our Mountain Home is a Indie-Folk band from upstate NY. They play their own blend of Indie/folk/Americana/bluegrass, To create Music that is fun to clap and sing-along to!

Patti Rothberg
Sunday Cafe Stage 3pm

Patti Rothberg’s recording career goes back to 1996, with her debut on EMI Records, 'Between the 1 and the 9', which refers to the time she spent performing in New York City's 14th Street subway station. The title track relates some of her experiences, when an EMI executive discovered Patti performing there. Patti’s new release and fifth full-length CD, 'Black Widow', explores moody, heartfelt themed, piano based compositions, rounded out with songs of her classic, signature guitar rock. The album marks Patti’s first collaboration with co-producer, Lyle Puente, a union rendering a cohesive, seamless brand of music.

Payne's Grey Sky
Saturday Cafe Stage 1pm

The seed that eventually became American-roots band, Payne's Grey Sky, was planted in the summer of 2007 by high school friends Rich Dymond (bass, guitar) and Jimi Scheffel (vocals, guitar) with Dave Sahloff (drums/ percussion) joining the band soon after. Usually performing as a trio, Payne's Grey Sky's influences are many- From classics like Dylan, The Band, and Van Morrison to contemporary acts like Damien Rice, The Lumineers and The Avett Brothers. Over the years, Payne's Grey Sky has lovingly donated their time for local annual fundraising events, including YWCA's Tunes for Tots, the Ulster Police Women's Auxiliary’s Coming Together for Kids, The Gruner Memorial Bike for Cancer Care, and The Delisio Memorial Golf Tournament benefitting the Special Olympics. Payne’s Grey Sky has played at a number of local venues throughout the Hudson Valley and just released their debut CD in June 2015.

Pete Santora and the RePetes
Sunday Cafe Stage 1pm

Pete is a former cast member of the original Broadway, National and London Productions of "Beatlemania" and has performed with the National and European tours of "Godspell". He can be seen in the films "Godfather 3" and "Prizzi's Honor" as well as in various episodes of "Law and Order" and has recently celebrated the 25th Anniversary of his appearance in Martin Scorsese's "Goodfellas". Pete has been honored to be involved with the RSF over the years and wishes to thank everyone who makes this wonderful event happen.

Pitchfork Militia
Saturday Mountain Stage 8pm

A mishmash of rock, blues, country and punk we call Apocabilly. It's fun, it's fast, it's loud! Peter Head on vocals and guitar, Karl Krause on bass and Joe P. Morgan on drums. Come join the Militia as they celebrate over 20 years as a band! Pick up their CD "Bunch" and hear some even new songs.

The Pleasers
Saturday Cafe Stage 5pm

The Hudson Valley's premier soul band playing all your favorites from Motown, Stax and more! Known for leaving a trail of happy, exhausted audiences, The Pleasers always live up to their name!

Sunday Rosendale Theatre 5pm

The Percussion Orchestra of Kingston (POOK) and ENERGY are programs of the Center for Creative Education in Kingston. POOK was founded in 1997 by three percussionists who also work as educators and social workers as a way to get kids off the streets and provide them with meaningful activity and important life skills. Energy is an Award Winning dance company of Kingston, NY they have swept the valley with its fresh and entertaining Hip-Hop, Reggae and Latin dance styles. They have won awards at B.E.T’s segment of “Wild Out Wednesday” and “Showtime at the Apollo” at the world famous Apollo Theater. They have competed and won competitions across the country and was the opening act for “America’s Best Dance Crew” and was named Albany’s “Number One Dance Crew” in Albany, New York.

Saturday Mountain Stage 3pm

Protius is an all-original rock quartet of the heavy (yet melodic) persuasion. Tight, hard-driving, memorable hooks propel soaring melodies that lead the listener through the fantastic, the inspired and the sexy! Jillian Triplmoon - vocals, Dean Read – guitar, Ted Conway – bass, Tom Lenahan – drums. Protius is currently recording their debut album in Highland, NY.

Ramona Lane
Saturday Creekside Stage 2pm

Ramona Lane formed when Jordan and Eric met while studying music theory at suny Ulster. Influenced by the alt rock of the late 90s and inspired by the classic romance of rock and roll.

Ratboy Jr.
Sunday Canal Lock Stage 4pm

Ratboy Jr. is a rocking duo for all ages, a band for the whole fam, if you will. They are singer and guitarist Timmy and multi-tasker extraordinaire Matty (he plays drums and keyboards at the same time!). They perform energetic, catchy, and sometimes improvised tunes with hooks and stories that will get stuck in your head- songs about rocks that slide up hills, guitar playing chickens, and instructions on eating clouds.

Rice & Beans
Sunday Mountain Stage 12pm

Over the past 2 years, Rice & Beans has cultivated a fresh and tasty blend of Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Rock, Jazz and Roots Music. The captivating group’s unique and flavorful sound is steeped in the traditions of early Blues & Soul with an emphasis on live improvisation and emotionally-charged performances. Hot sauce optional. Hector Becerra on Drums, Jose Lopez on Guitar/Vocals, Sean Morrison on Keys and Pete Newman on Bass.

The Seth Davis Group
Saturday Creekside Stage 12pm

A bunch of friends with varied artistic backgrounds and eclectic musical tastes, the Seth Davis Group tells harmony-heavy stories that alternately provoke and inspire. "Rarely does a musician arrive on the scene with the songwriting craftsmanship displayed by Seth Davis." Daid E. Feldman - Aural Fix.

Soulia and the Soultans
Saturday Canal Lock Stage 6pm

Calling it, "swanky night club tunes for the retrograde" Soulia and the Sultans have come on to the scene with spruced up jazz standards and sultry, flirty pop from the 30's through the 60s. Enjoy the sounds of Peggy Lee, Julie London, Billie Holliday, The Shirelles, Ella Fitzgerald and Classics of the Great American Songbook.

Stone Soup
Sunday Canal Lock Stage 2pm

"Stone Soup" AKA "The Bedheads", is a student rock band composed of Middle School students from New Paltz, and under the direction of Kerry Shaw,guitarist,of "The Big Takeover". Since initially the group did not have a bassist, students had to switch instruments to cover their needs. That made them unique, be more inovative, and hence their name "Stone Soup"[the Bedheads" is their other name LOL]. Abe Wiedenkeller-drums/bass, Mallory Mood-guitar /vocals, Jake Kniffen-keyboard/drums, Will Payne vocals/drums/sax, Nikki Steinbeck vocals/bass and recently Sam Kniffen has joined on guitar.

Street Fest All Stars
Sunday Midtown Stage 2pm

This band features players who have been involved in many Rosendale Street Festivals both on and offstage. It features Carrie Wykoff, Charlie Kniceley, Jimmy Atlee, Jimmy Eppard, Tim Whalen, Bob Shaut, Fre Atlast and Caru Thompson. Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to get in the groove with this rockin band!

TJay and the Tall Boys
Saturday Creekside Stage 4pm

TJay and the Tall Boys are an upbeat Rock/Blues band from the Hudson Valley. We play a mixture of Rock, Blues, and Jazz...similar to a Dave Matthews meets John Mayer and Steely Dan and have had the honor of sharing the stage with The Doobie Brothers, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Rusted Root, Blues Traveler, The Neville Brothers, Little Feat, Dave Mason (of Traffic), Leon Russell, Chris Barron (of the Spin Doctors) and more.

Saturday Mountain Stage 4pm

Tulula! has been stomping around Rip Van Winkle’s dreamland since 2006. The Acid-Cowboy quintet of Jason Broome (the Westport Sunrise Sessions), Rob Norris (East Of Venus, The Bongos, Blue Paradox), Chris Bradley (June Cleaver and the Steak Knives, Shaktipat), Daniel Weintraub (the Westport Sunrise Sessions) and Marianne Tasick (The Sweet Clementines) come off like a mosh pit at a gypsy carnival followed by a séance with the 27 club. Between them, these five veterans of underground music have toured the world, recorded over twenty-five albums and eaten like princes with paupers. Tulula! is sure to whisk you one dance away from the happy farm.

Vanessa Kniceley and Kniceley Done
Sunday Midtown Stage 1pm

Vanessa Kniceley returns to the Street Festival with her back up band “Kniceley Done3” featuring Danetta Kniceley/Armm on bass, Nancy Kniceley/Armstrong on guitar, Jimmy Eppard on Mandolin and Charlie Kniceley on Bass.

Victoria Levy
Saturday Midtown Stage 2pm

Victoria Levy – a previous member of “Slick Idiot” featuring En Esch and Guenter Schulz of KMFDM & a member of “Ari-Up” with Ari Forster of famed girl band “The Slits” has recently completed her latest album “Nowhere To Be” with multiple Grammy Award winning producer Kirk Yano. The album features Neal Evans (Soulive & Lettuce), Steve Holley (Wings), Beki Brindle (Gracepool, Jerry Lee Lewis) & Tommy Mandel (Bryan Adams, B52’s). Playing with Victoria at the street fest is Eric Parker on drums (Steve Winwood, Joe Cocker, Bonnie Raitt) & Frank Ganci on bass. East Coast Tour this coming this Fall!

Wally Nichols
Saturday Cafe Stage 2pm

Wally Nichols lives on a Kerhonkson horse farm with his daughter. He's a DJ on WDST and a columnist for The Blue Stone Press. The original music he plays is somewhere between James Taylor and Jason Aldeen, country leaning folk rock with some funk (but not toooooo much!)

The WellDiggers
Saturday Creekside Stage 3pm

The WellDiggers are a New York based roots-rock, alt-country band that runs the gamut from acoustic folk and blues, to full throttle electric rock 'n roll. Founded and fronted by singer/songwriter, guitarist, Steve Welner, the band includes, Rich Lanahan (guitar), Don Gabis (bass), and Mike Leuci (drums); other "Diggers" include Jack Gabis (guitar,banjo) and Jeff Goldstein (bass). Their latest album, "Hope and Fear" (2012) received excellent reviews, and was selected as one of the top 10 albums of the year by, "American Roots UK's", Mike Morrison and by, "Folk 'n Roots" 31NR (96.5) DJ, Colin Fielding. They have received local, New York airplay on FM Stations, WEHM, WRCN, WBAB, and WUSB along with an assortment of college and independent radio stations here and abroad. In addition to their local fan base they have fans as far reaching as the UK, Europe, Japan, Australia, and the Netherlands due to online distribution and airplay of their music.

The Wild Irish Roses
Saturday Canal Lock Stage 2pm

The Wild Irish Roses are a true family band, a Mom, Dad and 8 kids: a real, live, family of 10 from New Paltz. Michael X. Rose and Kristi Hanna were founding members of the 90’s NYC punk rock band The Astro-Zombies. Michael spent the first decade of the 2000’s leading the legendary garage psych band The Brian Wilson Shock Treatment. Josie Rose (16 years) sings and plays banjo, mandolin, penny whistle, viola, and the amazing classical guitar intro to Maggie May. Michael X. (dad) plays guitar and sings. Kristi (mom) plays bass guitar and sings. The eldest, Hanna (18) plays bodhran and sings. Evelyn-Marie (13) plays concertina and viola. Penelope (10) sings and plays tambourine. Aengus (9) plays drums. Lazarus (6) plays harmonica, sings, dances, and is the Manager.


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